It’s time to RISE THE F*CK UP and CLAIM your NEXT LEVEL of Success, Happiness & Abundance!

Your NEXT LEVEL is calling you.

Will you answer?


When You Go ALL IN On Your Dreams, The Universe Must Respond & Deliver

That’s why in only 5 short weeks of CLAIMING your NEXT LEVEL you get to attract more freedom, money & happiness! You get to live life on YOUR terms.

You get to manifest MORE Success, Happiness and Abundance with ease – Say hello to travelling, having clients coming in on repeat and having more money than you know what do to with. 

You get to look back and no longer recognize that version of yourself from just 5 weeks ago – Hellooo NEXT LEVEL confident, happy and rich version of you. 

How You Might Ask?

By mastering your MindBration® (mindset & vibration)

MindBration® is my tested and proven manifestation technique that allows you to shift into RECEIVING everything your heart desires and mind dreams of.


So what do you say.. Are you ready to master MindBration® and go NEXT LEVEL in all areas of your life & manifest more Success, Happiness & Abundance in only 5 weeks?

Does this sound familiar to you?

If you’re like me and have always been told you’re too much, too loud, too ambitious, too unrealistic, too outspoken, too extreme…

Then you know what it feels like to play small, hold yourself back, hit the glass ceiling, and never quite get what you really want and at the speed you want it (meeeh).

And like me, you know that it leaves you feeling underwhelmed, tired, bored, miserable, overworked, underpaid, and…normal…ordinary… (which, really, is the biggest insult of all).

No one wants to be ordinary, especially not you!

I know you can FEEL your NEXT LEVEL calling you!

And you are READY to manifest EVERYTHING you want!

Stop waiting…GO ALL IN!

Get Started Today!


I am here to remind you that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

You get too turn your fantasies, hopes, dreams, and goals into your everyday reality…

YES you were born to be EXTRAordinary, to stand out, to be a trailblazer in life, to break all existing barriers to success, happiness and money making and shine bright like the fucking diamond you are!

DAMN STRAIGHT you were born to Rise The F*ck Up, embody your inner bada$$, be fully self-expressed and CLAIM your NEXT LEVEL of Success, Happiness & Abundance.

Get READY To Manifest All The Success, Happiness & Abundance You Can Handle And Take Your Life To The NEXT LEVEL In Only 5 Weeks
By Mastering Your MindBration (Mindset & Vibration)

Here's what's included in The Next Level

5 modules

One Powerful Module Every Week For 5 Weeks. Around MindBration®, Manifestation, Mindset & Energetics & How To Receive EVERYTHING You Dream Of With Ease. You Will Get Practical Hands On Tools On Exactly How To Manifest More Success, Happiness & Abundance. 

When Signing Up You’ll Get Access To The First Module

Weekly Exercises & Affirmations

With every module you’ll get exercises that will help you go NEXT LEVEL in your life!

It’s time to let go of what’s holding you back and go ALL IN on yourself and your wildest dreams. 

Exclusive Facebook Community

This community is filled with EXTRAORDINARY, like-minded women with ONE GOAL:

To experience their NEXT LEVEL of success, happiness & abundance with ease.

Let's Rise The F*ck Up and GO NEXT LEVEL

This Is What Your 5 Weeks Of Transformation Looks Like



Make Room For more freedom, happiness and money

To go NEXT LEVEL in your life you have to clear out EVERYTHING that is holding you back. 

Limiting beliefs, habits, negative momentum and mindset loops etc. 

You can get the results you want if you keep doing the same things!


Step into the rich, happy and abundant version of yourself

In this module you will get SUPER clear on that version of you who has already achieved what you desire to achieve.

You’ll learn how to communicate with her and let her guide you into quantum leaps like never before. You won’t be able to recognize that old version of you, you’ll be too busy LIVING BIG and receiving more and more Success, Happiness & Abundance!


Shift out of lack and into overflow and become magnetic to your wildest dreams

We all know that being in a state of NEED & WANT is NOT high vibe and will not allow you to attract what you truly desire. 

So how do you manifest your greatest desires when you REALLY want it but you can’t manifest it from a state of ‘want’?

That is what this module is all about. It will show you how to shift out of lack and into a powerful and confident woman who is a success, happiness & money magnet.


Becoming a money magnet & manifest money on repeat

We all want to have more money – so why is it that some women can attract like money magnets and others…not so much?

In this module you’ll learn how to become a money magnet and the shifts you can make in your mindset and life to attract even more money with ease. 


Manifest everything you want even when you don’t feel high vibe

You don’t have to be’ high vibe’ all the freaking time to manifest the success, happiness & money you want – but you DO need to know how to handle periods in your life where you feel less than successful, happy and abundant. 

You will be shown EXACTLY how to handle real life ups and downs so that you can manifest your wildest dreams and greatest desires  – no matter what’s happening in your life.

THE NEXT LEVEL Will Have You Mastering Your
MindBration® And Becoming The Master Of Manifesting And CREATING A Life That Has You Excited To Wake Up Every Day And Not Want To Go To Sleep At Night
(Because It’s Just Too Damn Sexy And Fun)

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BLOW YOUR OWN DAMN MIND & Let's Show Everyone What's Possible!
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The FAQs

It’s the right fit for you if feel that next level calling you and want to learn more about how to co-create with the universe so you can go to your next level of success, happiness & abundance with more ease, flow and fun!

The modules are all pre-recorded. 

You’ll have forever access to the content and the FB group. 

No. Miella is in the group but she is not active in there but you don’t really need that because you will surrounded with other amazing likeminded women with BIG goals just like you! 

I trust your intuition and gut feeling enough to not give any refunds. 

When you commit – you commit and that’s they way you want it to be. 

No plan B’s – only ALL IN!

You are always more than welcome to contact the team at support@wordpress-509785-2817743.cloudwaysapps.com with question you have. 

We will encourage you to follow your intuition though and if you feel a PULL trust yourself enough to join.